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Brooke Longmore 

BSc (Hons), BA


I knew within my heart from a very young age that my life purpose was to help people move away from emotional pain. When I was 15 I started to speak about this and spoke about doing this on a grand scale.


At the age of 18 I started my journey working with and learning about the mind. 16 years later I am as I am still as passionate about this. 

Every single day my passion for my work grows stronger. I continue to study the human mind to ensure I am constantly adding value to the lives of the people who cross my path. 

Check out the page marked qualifications to view a detailed list of my studies and experience. 

I specialise in guiding people through emotional pain using a 3 step process and have 16 years experience in working with and studying the human mind/behaviour.

Step 1. Review past emotional experiences in life, connect with the emotions, process the emotions to take the emotional charge out of the story (Many people tell their story over and over with no emotion however, the emotional pain body lies deep within and is triggered regularly. It is only when the event has been processed that a person can become free). 

Step 2. Build a stronger story that is in alignment with the wants and desires of the current stage in life.

Step 3. Live a fulfilled life with purpose, meaning and inner peace.

This is not always easy to do however, when completed it can set the person free from misery, pain, self-doubt, self-sabotaging and many more destructive behaviours/thoughts.


The human mind is shaped by our experiences as we move through life, much of what we are led to believe and much of what we worry about is not true however, it can have us running in circles. It is vital that we process emotions, experiences and events in the proper way to feel free to move forward. 

I have witnessed many great success stories taking place even after the toughest of times. It is essential you work with the right person for you to be able to achieve emotional success.  

Adults and children who come to work with me want to:

·         Understand who they are as an individual

·         Release and heal their past

·         Take their life to the next level

·         Work better together in a team

·         Improve family relationships

·         Increase their resilience 

·         Reduce anxiety and stress 

·         Develop strong habits for success

I work with adults and children showing them how to reach a successful level of emotional intelligence with a strong mindset using:

·         Cognitive behavioural therapy techniques

·         Positive psychology techniques

·         Reprogramming techniques

·         Age/life regression for healing

·         Coaching/mentoring techniques

·         Mindfulness techniques

·         Leadership skills

·         Meditation and visualisation techniques 

·         NLP

·         Energy healing therapy

Using these techniques helps you gain a better understanding of:

·         Cognitive distortions

·         Past emotional pain and trauma

·         The function of the RAS (reticular activating system)

·         Behavioural habits and patterns

·         Events, behaviours and consequences

·         Self-regulation and self-motivation

·         Healing and motivation 

·         Empathy skills

·         Improved money story

·         Your business, career and family dynamics


All programmes and packages have the options to include personalised support plans to ensure momentum builds in between sessions. 


The feedback on these plans are that they are extremely helpful and keep people focused on what is important to them.


Mental health & mindset support for mental fitness

Before I began work with Brooke, I felt stuck in a serious rut of constant over thinking, over analysing, fear about my future and constant worry – it was literally debilitating in all aspects of my life, personally and professionally. Having recently started a business, money worries were now added into the mix and my head felt like a constant clutter, swirling at a million miles an hour.  All I could see ahead of me was failure and it was terrifying!

I felt scared and filled with doubt about spending money on counselling. What if it didn’t actually work for me? How could I possibly tell a total stranger about my life and struggles?  How could someone who knew nothing about me help me? The first day I stood at her front door, I felt petrified. I almost turned around and walked back to my car but THANK GOODNESS I didn’t.

I’m now so proud of that day I first walked through her door, because it changed EVERYTHING for me. Brooke was instantly so easy to talk to, relaxed and calm in her approach and even in our 1st session (of 4) I felt total relief that a sense of HOPE could be returned to my life.  I was able to open up to her in a way that I simply could not do with loved ones, for fear I was burdening them or causing them to worry about me.

The 4 sessions I took with Brooke really helped me because it changed my way of thinking, coping and how I was dealing with things. Brooke was not emotionally involved with me, so I felt freedom to tell her EVERYTHING, things I’d struggled to share with anyone else before.  She lifted a huge burden from my shoulders in creating a safe and really comfortable place to talk freely.  She restored my confidence in being able to make good decisions and move forward again with my life.

There was never any judgement on anything, as she understood fully all of the reasons why I was feeling so bad about my life, she helped me to understand and see a different way of thinking about my past.  She gently dug deep, through levels I did not even know existed within me and uncovered things from my past that were unresolved and holding me back. She simply led me to an understanding of my life that I know for certain I could never have unravelled on my own.


I would absolutely recommend Brooke without hesitation, because I know 100%, she changed everything for me and had I not sought her help, I think I was heading for a breakdown and possibly would have lost my business as well as my sanity.

To say my counselling with Brooke has been life changing, almost does not explain fully enough just how powerful her expertise is.  I can never thank you enough Brooke.


Female client, Dec 2019

"When people feel stuck it is simply a sign they need to focus on managing their mindset." - Brooke Longmore

Daily SoundClouds out to protect mental health during lockdown! 

My response to the new lockdown - mental health protection! 

Unresolved anger, fear, upset, despair, overwhelm and emotional abuse will have a huge negative impact on your life.

Anger, fear, upset, despair, overwhelm and emotional abuse often follow trauma and trauma can be anything that caused emotional upset in your life. Loss through bereavement, marriage breakdown, job loss, relationship breakdown, childhood memories and adolescent challenges are all forms of trauma. If the trauma is not processed you could see it seeping out into your life a lot.

Anger, fear, upset, despair, overwhelm, emotional abuse and trauma will often cause addictive behaviours with thinking, drugs, food, poor relationships, alcohol and so on. It is vital that the trauma is brought to the surface to allow you to live a life of peace and joy.

Now, group therapy may not always be the way forward as there can be a tendency to over share leaving yourself vulnerable or not being heard at all. The most powerful way to deal with trauma is on a 1-1 as you are safe, there is no judgement and you can explore deep emotions that cause pain.

There are many programmes I deliver via group work however, I tend to suggest that group work is great for human connection, team building, positive results in the workplace, conflict resolution and reducing staff turn over. Recovering from emotional trauma is not always something that can be achieved in group work as this is more specific to a person and the work is covered on a deeper level.

Anger holds people back and gets in the way of success, positive connections and can cause cognitive distortions. If you want to discuss anger or your experience of dealing with an angry person please reach out. Help is never too far away and with help comes hope!

Programmes & packages 

The investment for each programme can be found by clicking the read more button. All programmes have a basic package and an intense package. 


Self Development Coaching

“Investing in your own mindset can take you anywhere”


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