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Guiding people towards emotional success

Brooke Longmore 

BSc (Hons), BA


Mental health & mindset support for mental fitness

Services available:

All services on this website can be accessed in the following ways:

  • One to one (Adults and children)

  • Parent and child support

  • Parent support (One to one or as a couple)

  • Couples support

  • Education inputs (Group and one to one)

  • Organisation inputs (Group and one to one)

Inputs and therapies to cover:

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Low mood

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma healing

  • PTSD 

  • Grief and bereavement 

  • Fears and phobias

  • Family challenges

  • Marriage breakdown

  • Transition and change 

  • Self harm/suicidal thoughts 

  • Sleep disorders

  • Weight loss

  • Stop smoking

  • Anger management 

  • Team working skills

  • Emotional intelligence skills

  • Business building and growth

  • Career advancement/Leadership 

  • Spiritual development

about me

I knew within my heart from a very young age that my life purpose was to help people move away from emotional pain. When I was 15 I started to speak about this and spoke about doing this on a grand scale.


At the age of 18 I started my journey working with and learning about the mind. 16 years later I am as I am still as passionate about this. 

Every single day my passion for my work grows stronger. I continue to study the human mind to ensure I am constantly adding value to the lives of the people who cross my path. 

Check out the page marked qualifications to view a detailed list of my studies and experience. 

My work is based on CBT models, CAT models, Erikson's stages of psychosocial development model, Egan's skilled helper model, Bowlby's attachment theory, Worden's theory of grief and Worden's family therapy model. I specialise in guiding people through emotional pain using a 3 step process and have 16 years experience in working with and studying the human mind/behaviour.

my 3 step model

Step 1.

Review past emotional experiences in life. In this step we connect with the raw emotions and process them to take the emotional intensity out of the story.

(Many people tell their story over and over with no emotion however, the emotional pain body lies deep within and is triggered regularly. It is only when the event has been processed that a person can become free). 

Step 2.

Build a stronger story that is in alignment with the wants and desires of the current stage in life.

Step 3.

Live a fulfilled life with purpose, meaning and inner peace.

This is not always easy to do however, when completed it can set the person free from misery, pain, self-doubt, self-sabotaging and many more destructive behaviours/thoughts.

Therapeutic approach's available: 

  • CBT - Cognitive behavioural therapy

  • CAT - Cognitive analytic therapy

  • ACT - Acceptance and commitment therapy

  • EFT - Emotional freedom therapy aka tapping therapy

  • EMDR - Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing

  • NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Person centred therapy

  • Age regression/Attachment based healing

  • Mindfulness therapy

  • Meditation therapy

  • Grief therapy 

  • Family/Group therapy

  • Hypnotherapy and hypnosis

  • PLR - Past life regression

  • Trauma release

  • Reiki healing 

  • Spiritual healing

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the human mind

The human mind is shaped by our experiences as we move through life, much of what we are led to believe and much of what we worry about is not true however, it can have us running in circles. It is vital that we process emotions, experiences and events in the proper way to feel free to move forward. 

I have witnessed many great success stories taking place even after the toughest of times. It is essential you work with the right person for you to be able to achieve emotional success.  

Unresolved anger, fear, upset, despair, overwhelm and emotional abuse will have a huge negative impact on your life

Anger, fear, upset, despair, overwhelm and emotional abuse often follow trauma and trauma can be anything that caused emotional upset in your life. Loss through bereavement, marriage breakdown, job loss, relationship breakdown, childhood memories and adolescent challenges are all forms of trauma. If the trauma is not processed you could see it seeping out into your life a lot.

Anger, fear, upset, despair, overwhelm, emotional abuse and trauma will often cause addictive behaviours with thinking, drugs, food, poor relationships, alcohol and so on. It is vital that the trauma is brought to the surface to allow you to live a life of peace and joy.

Now, group therapy may not always be the way forward as there can be a tendency to over share leaving yourself vulnerable or not being heard at all. The most powerful way to deal with trauma is on a 1-1 as you are safe, there is no judgement and you can explore deep emotions that cause pain.

There are many programmes I deliver via group work however, I tend to suggest that group work is great for human connection, team building, positive results in the workplace, conflict resolution and reducing staff turn over. Recovering from emotional trauma is not always something that can be achieved in group work as this is more specific to a person and the work is covered on a deeper level.

Anger holds people back and gets in the way of success, positive connections and can cause cognitive distortions. If you want to discuss anger or your experience of dealing with an angry person please reach out. Help is never too far away and with help comes hope!


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