I have been working with Brooke over a four week period and I have learned so much about myself. Talking to Brooke within a safe and comfortable environment, without judgement, has encouraged me to be more positive and proactive. 


I feel so much happier in myself and Brooke has taught me interventions and techniques and has provided me with materials that I can continue to use to better myself and continue to make progress. 


I would definitely recommend coaching from Brooke to overcome personals issues. Each week we worked together on setting achievable targets to help me feel more like me again. 

— Female, Oct 2019


stress/anxiety management

Stress and anxiety can have a huge negative impact on your life. It is not unusual for people to suffer from stress and anxiety years after the initial event. Emotional pain can be suppressed for some time before it surfaces for healing. 

Many clients come to me confused telling me they thought they had dealt with a particular issue however, it has come back up and it stronger than before. Chances are when this happens that the initial healing wasn't deep enough or took place too soon after the event. 

The best time to action to reduce stress and anxiety is the moment you recognise it. This allows us to work with the emotional challenges to reduced them before their impact becomes greater and greater within your life. 

We will work through stress and anxiety using the 3 step process mentioned in the home page.

Challenges with stress and anxiety:

  • Avoiding situations/people

  • Money worries

  • Holding onto past

  • Fearing the future 

  • Feeling stuck in career/relationship

  • Lack of enjoyment in life

  • Obsessive thoughts and behaviours

  • Not feeling able to express emotions and opinions

  • Feeling like people take you for granted

  • Lack of ambition

  • Feeling isolated and lost

  • Grief, shame, trauma

  • And much more


  • To set aside time to engage in a personalised programme to understand your anxiety to let it go. We will work together to develop positive habits for success in life and inner peace.

  • All programmes can include an action plan to follow in between sessions - additional cost. 

All programmes include:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy techniques

  • Positive psychology techniques

  • Reprogramming techniques

  • Age/life regression for healing

  • Coaching/mentoring techniques

  • Mindfulness techniques

  • Leadership skills

  • Meditation and visualisation techniques 

  • NLP

  • Energy healing therapy

"Working with Brooke has greatly improved my mental well-being, sparked creativity and passion, and is helping me to become the best version of myself"

Trio of Candles

60 minute session

Can be used as a one off as and when required. In this session we can look at some tips to try to reduce worries and obsessive thoughts. 

Best Friends Chatting

4 week programme

This programme will allow you to start making significant changes in your life. We will look at your worries and obsessive thoughts to begin creating more positive habits to start now. 

Pool Yoga Class

8 week programme

This programme will help you to create long lasting change in your life. We will start to replace worries and obsessive thougths by reprogramming thoughts over a period of time.