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My reiki experience with Brooke was amazing. Brooke has created a beautiful, relaxing and safe environment to practice reiki. Brooke discussed the process of reiki. I felt amazing after my session, it allowed me to feel more grounded and at ease, it is a wonderful experience. I am already booked in for my next session.

Reiki client

I had a great experience with Brooke doing reiki with me. I felt amazing afterwards. I found it such a great session, I enjoyed the tarot reading. Brooke made me feel relaxed during the while experience. I will definitely be back soon.

Reiki and guidance reading client

I started working with Brooke around a year ago as I was struggling with my mental health, tinnitus and recovering from a serious illness. I need guidance and to find my path in life. Brooke helped me to slow down my overactive mind, make sense of a lot of things that were going on and played a huge part in getting me so where I am today. I see Brooke once a month and it always keeps me on the right path, it’s part of my self care routine which we have built and I am extremely grateful for Brooke’s help, coping strategies, knowledge, guidance and continued support.

Reiki client

I would highly recommend Brooke, my life has had a massive boost since going to her, I have been seeing Brooke now for over 4 months and there has been so many positive changes in my life, I have been doing Reiki and healing work with Brooke and she never fails to disappoint me , helping me find my sole purpose, I feel less stressed and know how to deal with difficult situations, definitely 5 star from me, so happy I found her.

Reiki client

My most recent Reiki healing session was amazing. I felt deeply relaxed, beautifully held, guided and supported.  By combining your skills, knowledge and intuition you knew exactly what I needed at that time and delivered 100%.  I felt such a huge heavy weight lift off my shoulders after our last session and I am still feeling the benefits a fee weeks on. Thank you so much for your continued guidance.

Reiki client

I visited Brooke for some Reiki healing and will definitely be returning for more. Her sessions leave me feeling good, and very at ease. I am looking forward to incorporating her sessions into a more regular occurrence to help my self care journey. So happy to have found her.

Reiki client