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Reiki & spiritual healing

30 mins £30

40 mins £40

1 hour £57

Reiki is an energy healing treatment that helps you to connect with your mind, body and soul. We are all made up of energy and if our energy is off balance it can impact our sleep, our eating habits, our relationships and all areas of our life. 

We have 7 main energy centres that deal with different aspects of our life. Life events can cause the energy centres to become overdeveloped or underdeveloped both causing us challenges in life.


  • Root chakra - sense of security and stability in life

  • Sacral chakra - our ability to process emotions and enjoy life

  • Solar plexus chakra - our personal identity and personal power

  • Heart chakra - ability to love and be loved

  • Throat chakra - speaking our truth and putting words to our emotions

  • Brow chakra - our intuition and inner wisdom

  • Crown chakra - our connection to the universe and spirituality 

Reiki helps you to enter a state of deep relaxation providing relief from anxiety, worry and life challenges. Reiki is a hands off treatment and works with your energy.  Following a reiki treatment you will feel relaxed, energised and a little lighter. It is advisable to have regular reiki treatments to keep your energy field clear and flowing. Reiki can be used for physical pain, mental pain and emotional pain. Both children and adults can use reiki. 

Learn reiki 

Prices vary

Reiki level 1 - allows you to perform reiki on yourself to work with your own energy field.

  • Also used for self healing following a difficult time in life. Reiki level 1 can help us to sleep better, to eat better, to manage our own emotions and much more. 

Reiki level 2 - allows you to perform reiki on others as part of a business.

  • Learning reiki level 2 can assist you to provide reiki for family and friends and as part of a business. It is a wonderful tool for those already in the helping profession. 

Master/teacher level - allows you to teach reiki to others. 

  • This is great for those who want to go on and teach reiki to other people.

"Reiki Level 1 training was amazing as is Brooke, she is an amazing teacher and healer. Reiki itself is just out of this world, can't really put it in words, you'll have to experience it for yourself, however, I would recommend Brooke Longmore for Reiki and all other therapies available, she's an Angel"

PLR - Past life regression

1 hour £57

PLR provides insight into past life's which can help to reduce challenges in this life time. If you have read the book Many Minds, Many Masters by Brian Weiss you will know about PLR. It is a powerful therapy when looking to understand and release anxiety, fears, phobias and much more.

During PLR you enter a state of deep relaxation and speak to the therapist answering questions. The answers to the questions can bring about insight from past life's. In Brian's book he speaks about how past life's can impact our current life and having knowledge of this can be empowering to make better choices in this life. 

Spiritual guidance readings

15 mins £15

30 mins £30

1 hour £57

Spiritual guidance readings can provide insight into life's challenges helping us with decision making. The guidance readings bring forward suggestions to help us with our life and to provide new ways of viewing situations. 

Spiritual guidance readings can be very helpful in times of confusion, in times of challenges and in times of pushing forward in life. 

Moonology - learn more

30 mins £30

40 mins £40

1 hour £57

Moon cycles and working with the moon energy is becoming increasingly popular. The moon energy impacts our emotional state and can leave us feeling off balance especially at times of the full moon.

Understanding what certain moon cycles mean for you can help you to make empowering decisions about your life and life direction. 

Numerology - learn more

30 mins £30

40 mins £40

1 hour £57

Numbers have an energy and hold a specific meaning. We all have a life path number that provides insight into our life path. Knowing and understanding your life path number can help overcome challenges in life and can help with future planning. 

We are all here for a particular reason to learn lessons and our life path number holds a lot of insight into this.