Reiki training, treatments & guidance 

Your energy levels will either carry you forward or hold you back - Brooke Longmore

Our energy levels impact our sleep, our decision making processes and how successful we are in life. If we avoid looking after our energy we could be holding ourselves back significantly. 

Life brings challenges, it can be tough, it can leave us feeling confused and drained. The energy treatments displayed on this page will help to feel better about yourself, your life and the direction you are going in. 

People who are successful strive to protect their energy, they want to feel patient with themselves whilst feeling relaxed, safe and intuitive. All treatments are carried out using a hands off healing method. 

Reiki level 1, level 2 & master/teacher training

You may be looking to add tools to your self healing kit, your business or you may be looking to teach others reiki

Level 1

Level 2


"My recent reading with Brooke astounded me with its accuracy and clarity. She has given me renewed hope and the confidence I need to put my dreams into action. Thank you Brooke!"

Spiritual healing reading Sept 2020

"Wow is all I can say, couldn’t be more accurate, been nervous and a bit anxious of making wrong choices and what’s to come but gives me more clarity and positivity. Thank you."

Spiritual healing reading Sept 2020

Create positive energy

Chakra healing session

Our bodies are made up of 7 main energy centres. If any of our 7 main energy centres are off or out of balance it can cause problems in life. Our 7 main energy centres deal with different aspects of our life. If you are trying to achieve a goal yet your creative energy centre is blocked you will remain stuck and very frustrated. If you have been through a traumatic breakup you may find your heart centre is blocked making it harder to love and to receive love. 

This treatment is like an mot for your body, it will remove any dense or lower energies that have attached on to you. It will leave you feeling ready to jump out of bed in the morning. 

Benefits of reiki and guidance readings:

  • Clarity around goals

  • Heal after emotional pain

  • Improved sleep

  • Less physical pain

  • Increased energy

  • Deep relaxation

  • Creates positive energy

  • Deeper sense of self-love

  • And much more

Investment :


  • £57 for full hour with meditation

  • £40 for 40 minutes

  • £30 for 30 minutes 


*** to add a guidance card reading on to any of the sessions above add £15

  • £15 for 15 minute guidance reading sent via email 

"Your energy is your fuel for life, without it your life will slow down and in worst cases fall apart" - 

Brooke Longmore


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