Solar Eclipse

Support packages 

What you need to know:

  • Sessions are carried out face to face, via video call or on site (Organisations and Education) depending on service and package

  • You should expect to engage in at least 6 sessions to experience long lasting change, some will work on more sessions

  • Additional support is available for the intense packages to ensure long lasting change takes place

  • You can design your own programme in some cases 

  • All packages can be used for all therapies, in some cases you may wish to engage in several therapies throughout your support plan

  • Your results will match the effort that is put in throughout your sessions/programme

Psychologist Session

Adult 1-1

Can engage in all therapies

Forest Playground

Child 1 -1

Can engage in a range of therapies. Aged 5 and above involved in the work. Under 5's work with parents only

Doing Homework

Parent and child

Support will differ depending on age of child

Young Couple


Can engage in all therapies with or without children involved

Happy Family


Can engage in a range of therapies - programmes will vary

Hands Up

Group inputs

For adults and children - design will depend on needs of the group

Investment for services

talking on phones

15 minute consultation

Telephone call 


30 minutes

For children and in some cases adults

Holding Hands

30 minutes

Parent and child


1 hour

Teenagers, adults, couples, families


4 week programme

Teenagers, adults, couples, families

Psychologist's Office

6 week programme

Teenagers, adults, couples, families

Support Group Meeting

Group inputs


Children at School

Group inputs