Business development/training

(Supporting emotional success in the workplace)

"Look after your staff, they look after your business." - Brooke Longmore

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"I was sceptical before attending the course that this would have an impact on my life, how wrong was I, Brooke delivered a very exciting course filled with excitement and knowledge, it was a pleasure to attend. 


I now do meditation at night before going to sleep and also first thing in the morning, with Brookes guidance I have stopped watching TV before bed and looking at social media/news in the morning. How refreshed and calm I feel looking forward to the day ahead with these small changes that do not take too much time. 


I would definitely have no hesitation in recommending Brooke, she has a lovely manner and it is very evident she is so happy at her job that she does very well"


MacDuff International

Workshop attendee, Jan 2020    

Go Team


  • The motivation of your team can dip for many reasons

  • The past year has caused many challenges for people and motivation for work is often the first part of a persons life to be impacted 

  • Motivational inputs helps your team to come together to focus on shared goals in meaningful ways

30 minutes lunch time input

60 minute development session

Investment varies - specialised programmes/inputs designed

Informative Interview

Employee 1:1

  • Emotional intelligence support helps employees to reduce emotional inner conflict to show up daily 

  • Support in the workplace following trauma and emotional discomfort 

  • Reduced sickness rate

1  hour 1:1 - ​ £97

1 x 60 minute session

Giving a Speech


  • Leadership skills help people to develop a deeper understanding of their emotional guidance system for improved focus and commitment

  • Positive leadership skills allow strong decisions to be made quickly

  • Leadership skills help individuals to confidently lead and influence others 

  • A strong leader will have a strong and focused mindset 

1  hour 1:1 - ​ £97

1 x 60 minute session

Groupwork input for up to 20 employees

Speaker event for up to 500 employees

Investment varies - specialised programmes/inputs designed

Similing Team

Team work

  • Team work inputs increase empathy skills between members

  • A strong team will hold a shared vision and will work well together

  • Discussing conflict and helping people to feel heard

  • Removing negative energy and talk from the team by helping people understand themselves and how they fit into the wider team

Groupwork input for up to 20 employees

Speaker event for up to 500 employees

Investment varies - specialised programmes/inputs designed

"I seriously would have given up on my business had I not invested in myself through Brookes coaching. I am now very excited for the future thanks to Brooke"