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Organisational development/training

"Look after your staff, they look after your business." - Brooke Longmore

Challenges within teams:

  • People challenges i.e. lack of empathy

  • Low energy levels and lack of self-management

  • Diverse group with different points of views

  • Low motivation at times of conflict/change

  • Lack of positive focus

  • Some members in emotional mind/some in logical mind - conflict

  • Negative habits that lead to more negative habits

  • Short term thinking

  • Lack of confidence

  • Team size and team dynamics

  • Lack of self-awareness during tough times

  • Lack of self-motivation to meet deadlines/targets etc


  • Workshops for teams around team building

  • Support through times of growth 1:1 and group work

  • Support during periods of uncertainty 1:1 and group work

  • Conflict management inputs 

  • Conflict management support for two or more people

  • Senior leadership guidance 1:1 and group work

  • Keynote speaking inputs large and small events

Training sessions involve:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy techniques

  • Positive psychology techniques

  • Reprogramming techniques

  • Age/life regression for healing

  • Coaching/mentoring techniques

  • Mindfulness techniques

  • Leadership skills

  • Meditation and visualisation techniques 

  • NLP

  • Energy healing therapy


I have developed a "30 minute Monday Mindfulness Motivation" session that will have your team raring to go rather than thinking about lunch. 

Employee 1:1

When staff have difficulties with self-regulation, self-management and communicating messages it can upset the whole team. 


When you are experiencing change, transition, growth or restructure, uncertainty, confrontation and indecisiveness can creep in.

Team work

If staff are unclear of what their vision is as a team people can quickly become disconnected, demotivated and lost in their role

"I seriously would have given up on my business had I not invested in myself through Brookes coaching. I am now very excited for the future thanks to Brooke"