Understanding your own story gives you 

the power to change it

If you are not happy with who you are as a person, your results in life, your personal relationships or the stage your business is at you have arrived at your starting point!


I carry out my work with:

  • Individuals experiencing a range of difficult emotions

  • Individuals who have experienced trauma and have a desire to build positive relationships

  • Individuals who wish to take their career to the next level

  • Start up and existing business owners

  • Pupils and staff within the education system

  • Organisations and staff teams

I am dedicated to helping people understand their own life story to heal any emotional pain and to let go of all limitations. I show people how to create unstoppable confidence under challenging circumstances, developing better connections via personal and professional relationships. 

I strongly believe to live a fulfilled life you have to engage in self development work. You are at the centre of everything you do, your mind set and thought processes either cause your life to grow or fall apart.  

You may be an expert in your field in terms of business processes, leading others and aiming for more but, if you are not an expert on your own emotions you will be limiting your opportunities every single day. 

Please book a free consultation call with me to discuss ways in which we can work together. You have nothing to lose!

Ten facts about me!

1. I make it my aim to meditate daily.

2. I once took uni work on a holiday to Mexico.

3. I have two adult teeth missing (runs in the family)

4. I do not like milk, butter or cheese.

5. I was always given into trouble at school for talking.

6. I cried when I was 6 as someone called me Brooke the cook!

7. I love singing even though I am not that talented.

8. I passed my theory driving test and only got one answer wrong.

9. I LOVE 90's music!

10. I aim to add to my qualifications even when I am a pensioner. 

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