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how to handle the workplace

how to handle the workplace


You are wasting more time and more money as it stands currently, investing in workshops and emotional intelligence coaching for your staff will take your business a long way, you will sleep better at night and remember the breaks you book off, you will relax and feel able to switch off.



What do we do about this?

We start to become aware of the meaning we attach to certain circumstances and people. If you dislike a person you may find their comments are far more hurtful than someone you get on well with, again proving that it is the meaning around a person, comment or event that dictates how we feel and view it. By being more mindful of emotional responses we can connect better with others and more importantly ourselves.



The pressure is on in the Scottish education system.

We are seeing an increase in teaching staff feeling unheard, stressed and unable to teach in the classrooms. Teachers enter their profession to lead the younger generation, to teach new ideas and to share their expertise knowledge. They do not wish to sign up to a career where it feels like all they do is deal with challenges.

Making sales at work


Many sales people close their own doors due to story’s and memories from the past.

I worked with a client who as a child lost their home, their car and expensive holidays as a result of a business deal for a parent going wrong, this child now as an adult was in business but was anxious every time they were going to close a deal, when we worked around this and drilled down we realised this was their memory of a business deal, that it ends in loss for children.

The benefits of a follow up

A follow up session allows you to gather extra feedback and evidence on learning from the first session. It also allows time for pupils to go away and try out the techniques. 

School Kids Meditating