Therapies available

  • CBT - Cognitive behavioural therapy

  • CAT - Cognitive analytic therapy

  • ACT - Acceptance and commitment therapy

  • EFT - Emotional freedom therapy aka tapping therapy

  • EMDR - Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing

  • NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Person centred therapy

  • Age regression/Attachment based healing

  • Mindfulness therapy

  • Meditation therapy

  • Grief therapy

  • Family/Group therapy

  • Hypnotherapy and hypnosis

  • PLR - Past life regression

  • Trauma release

  • Reiki healing

  • Spiritual healing


family support (Adults and children) 

"Your family life is precious, look after it." - Brooke Longmore

Q. How will one to one support help my child?

A. Children hugely benefit from talking therapies as they are so open to learning about themselves. When children engage in therapeutic work to reduce challenges and to help them balance emotions it reduces the likelihood of emotional challenges in the later years. 

Q. Will the parent be involved in the sessions?

A. Yes we involve the parent when working with a child/teen as it is helpful for the parent to know the plan and to have an idea on what we are working on each session. 

Q. When is a family intervention helpful?

A. A family intervention is helpful when two or more members of the family are facing challenges together i.e. family breakdown, bereavement, challenges in education and so on. 

Q. What will the work be based on in terms of theory?

A. The work with children and families is based upon Egan's skilled helper model, Wordens family therapy model, attachment theory, CBT techniques and much more. 

I really liked working with Brooke, Brooke helped me understand the different emotions I feel and let me know that they are ok. I liked the different tasks Brooke would give me, they were fun to do. Thank you Brooke for all the help you have gave me.

Young person

June, 2021

"Having Brooke work with Ella over the course of a few months has brought about some noticeable changes. Ella is highly sensitive and very self-critical, and as her mother I have struggled to find a way to help her navigate what are sometimes quite overwhelming thoughts and feelings.

Brooke managed to tap into Ella’s creativity from the first session, identifying that Ella responds well to having tasks to complete. Together they set goals to achieve and checked at each session how Ella felt she was managing. Some of the goals to me seemed almost unachievable knowing how much both Ella and myself had tried to tackle them previously, but there were marked improvements in both her bedtime routine (previously non-existent), and her self-confidence, from the first session.

We had our last session recently and I can definitely see that Ella’s thought process has shifted. Where before she would have had highly emotional responses to certain situations, she is able to rationalise and self-reflect much quicker, and see that perhaps the thing she is worrying about isn’t quite as bad as she first thought.

Her bedtime routine, although still not perfect, has improved to the point that she will actually go into her own bed without needing the reassurance of me lying beside her until she falls asleep, which is a massive achievement in itself.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Brooke. She has a very professional but extremely approachable manner which Ella responded well to, and was always happy to give advice and tailor each session to what both Ella and myself needed at that time"

Young person, aged 10

Jan 2020

"If I could sum up the last couple of months with Brooke’s help I would simply say - life changing!

This has been a challenging year for everyone for obvious reasons but I underestimated quite how much it would impact the children.
I contacted Brooke as I felt I had exhausted all avenues in helping my 7 year old deal with her anger. She’s a bright, caring & sensitive child but if things didn’t go to plan she would get angry, loose control and lash out.

Brooke is so calming and really puts you at ease to be able to open up.  You can tell she genuinely cares and wants to help. Sometimes you know and agree with everything she’s telling you but maybe you just needed a plan to follow to help simplify things.

One of our biggest problems was bedtime and so this is where Brooke started, we dealt with what was causing the problems at bedtime and introduced ways of coping and calming her. In the words of my daughter bedtime has went a from being “the worst part of the day to now being the best part of the day” With a better bedtime routine and lots of hard work tackling that anger came a happier calmer child who is now able to control her anger and actually articulate how she’s feeling before it gets to a place of no return. She isn’t perfect but in Brooke’s words she’s not a robot we don’t expect things to be perfect all the time, but the difference in just a few weeks is remarkable.

We got so much out of our sessions that has made us stronger as a family and we can’t thank Brooke enough for that. I am extremely proud of my daughter for being so open and honest and accepting the changes we have made and I know this will help her as she grows up. I feel like Brooke will always be there if and when we need her in the future and I can’t recommend her sessions enough. If you are willing to accept the help I have no doubt she can change your life like she has for us"

Mum of young person age 7

March 2021

Basic and intense packages – the difference


Basic packages are simply the 1 hour session with no additional support out with the session or the 4 x 1 hour sessions for the 4 week programme with no support in between.


Intense packages have support in between sessions. When you are engaged with an intense package you will spend the last 5 minutes of your session putting together a 7 day plan. I will lead this based on what you have shared during your session and you will be involved in this. When you are working through your plan as you move through the week you can reach out for additional support i.e. catch up calls, texts, emails and so on. It may be that you have been working on the meditation we have set for example and you may come up against a challenge, you can when on an intense programme book a catch up call either voice call or video call at a time that suits us both.


Children and young people will have a plan put together and additional support without additional charge. They do not have to engage with this plan however, it is completely up to each individual. 

Child at Psychologist

In person or video call

30/60 minute session

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Improve and increase resilience

  • Increase confidence levels

  • Support with emotional regulation

  • Support with self-harm, trauma and challenging behaviour

  • Healing following family break up

30 minutes - £48.50

60 minutes - £97

Family Portrait 4

In person or video call

Parenting support - 4 week programme

  • Increase confidence with parenting skills

  • Create space to explore your own emotions

  • Release emotional baggage to become present for mindful parenting 


4 weeks basic - £397

4 x 60 minute sessions

Includes 15 minute call​

4 weeks intense - £597

4 x 60 minute sessions

4 action plans

Telephone/text support daily

Kids Running

In person or video call

4 week programme - children and young people

  • Reduce anxiety and start planning ahead with confidence 

  • Develop and work on resilience plan

  • Develop new habits with confidence

  • Change/alter behaviour patterns

  • Let go of emotional pain

  • Understand self on a deeper level

4 week programme - £397

4 x 60 minute sessions

Complimentary action plan x 4

Man Carrying his Girlfriend

In person or video call

Parenting support - joint - 4 week programme

  • Increase confidence with parenting skills

  • Create space to explore your own emotions

  • Release emotional baggage to become present for mindful parenting 


4 weeks basic - £497

4 x 60 minute sessions

Includes 15 minute call​ each

4 weeks intense - £697

4 x 60 minute sessions

4 action plans

Telephone/text support daily

Targets, what are they?

What skills are you transferring onto your child?