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"Your family life is precious, look after it." - Brooke Longmore

Family life today can be hectic, it can be exhausting, there is so many people to please and so many people to keep happy! Families today come in many shapes and sizes, they live in different locations and are made up by many different personalities coming together. Family conflict is very common in today's world. 

Family conflict often starts with differences of opinions, parenting styles or thought processes, if this is not managed in the beginning it can grow into bigger problems. Children often find it hard to know where they fit into families.

The support I offer for families is designed to meet your needs, below is some example programmes, these can be altered and changed to suit your family. Depending on your needs and requirements length of programmes may vary. It is best to discuss this via a phone call. 

We can also make a brand new package that suits what you are looking for, just get in touch!

All programmes involve:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy techniques

  • Positive psychology techniques

  • Reprogramming techniques

  • Age/life regression for healing

  • Coaching/mentoring techniques

  • Mindfulness techniques

  • Leadership skills

  • Meditation and visualisation techniques 

  • NLP

  • Energy healing therapy

In person or video call

Family support

There are times we have to work with every member of the family to reduce conflict, upset and to create shared visions. 

This may involve different family members, it may involve extended family, this will completely depend on your needs/wants.

In person or video call

Parenting support

Parenting - the most challenging job in the world, with no pay and lots of mistakes. You probably do much better than you even realise!

Parents need a time to release their emotions, a space to chat over difficult times and a time to release worry around raising children. 

The parenting support available to you will allow you space to stop, breath and relax. During our sessions we will focus on how to remain calm when faced with challenges, we will focus on increasing your resilience as a parent and we will focus on building your confidence to be the the best parent you can be.

You will be doing so much already that you and I can build upon. 

In person or video call

Child/parent support

There are times children struggle with anxiety, low mood, lack of interest in education, struggles with bullying and lack of motivation for life.

A great way to improve this is to work with the child and the parent together, this improves support and also provides hope / resilience for future. 

In person or video call

Parenting support - joint 

Parenting - the most challenging job in the world, with no pay and lots of mistakes. You probably do much better than you even realise!

Parents often end up in conflict as a result of parenting styles being different, challenges in the family home and general worries around family life. 

The parenting support available to you will allow you space to stop, breath and relax together as a couple. We will focus on building a joint vision for your family future whilst discussing any conflict that is present at the moment. 

Working as a team has a positive impact for the family and for you as a couple. 

Targets, what are they?

What skills are you transferring onto your child?

Having Brooke work with Ella over the course of a few months has brought about some noticeable changes. Ella is highly sensitive and very self-critical, and as her mother I have struggled to find a way to help her navigate what are sometimes quite overwhelming thoughts and feelings.

Brooke managed to tap into Ella’s creativity from the first session, identifying that Ella responds well to having tasks to complete. Together they set goals to achieve and checked at each session how Ella felt she was managing. Some of the goals to me seemed almost unachievable knowing how much both Ella and myself had tried to tackle them previously, but there were marked improvements in both her bedtime routine (previously non-existent), and her self-confidence, from the first session.

We had our last session recently and I can definitely see that Ella’s thought process has shifted. Where before she would have had highly emotional responses to certain situations, she is able to rationalise and self-reflect much quicker, and see that perhaps the thing she is worrying about isn’t quite as bad as she first thought.

Her bedtime routine, although still not perfect, has improved to the point that she will actually go into her own bed without needing the reassurance of me lying beside her until she falls asleep, which is a massive achievement in itself.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Brooke. She has a very professional but extremely approachable manner which Ella responded well to, and was always happy to give advice and tailor each session to what both Ella and myself needed at that time.

Young person, aged 10

Jan 2020


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