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Education support - pupils & staff

"Academic education mixed with emotional intelligence creates superstars." -  Brooke Longmore

The education system is under pressure to get it right for our future generation. This is not always easy given the challenges both staff and pupils face within education and in their personal lives. To really make a difference in education we have to support everyone who is involved with learning, teaching, mentoring, guiding and leading. 

Children and young people face family challenges, social media challenges, peer pressure, exam stress and much more. Staff face pressures such as stress, depression, bereavement and loss, low mood, lack of leadership and much more. I have designed programmes to support both young people and staff within the education sector to help make powerful changes to the learning environment. 

professional developmnet training sessio

Teachers are under so much pressure in today's world. It is important that they have access to support. Training sessions can be designed to meet the specific need for your staff team. Anything from 5 members of staff to 500.

Reducing stress and raising emotional intelligence 

Training for teachers

Working on the Go

It's healthy for teaching staff to have access to 1:1 support to discuss challenges stress and future plans. These sessions can take place as a one off or over a number of weeks. 

Private sessions for staff to offload and de-stress

1:1 support

P7 - S1 Transition  

Transition support before and after the move to high school. Group work and 1:1

S2 - S4 Time to shine

Working up to exams  years can take its toll on young people. Coping strategies group work.

S5/S6 Adulthood

Supporting pupils who are about to make the transition into the workplace.


Emotional intelligence and behaviural support. Both on a 1:1 and in group work.

A 3rd year pupil enjoyed:

"Coming and finding more about how the small things can equal to big things and how they can impact your life."