Together we can improve the quality of your relationship

couples support 

Many couples throughout their time together face challenges or times of chaos. This doesn't always mean they are not compatible it may mean there is emotional pain that has not yet been processed both together or individually. 

Two people come together with their own personal history and even couples who remain together for a number of years sometimes have to tap into talking therapies to resolve relationship issues. I recently completed a psychology paper on how and why relationships last over time and it was evident that every couple have their own story, their own processes and their own way of communicating. There is no rule book of how a romantic relationship should be carried out to stand the test of time therefore complexities can be worked through by tapping into talking therapies together. 

Both individuals will be seen in sessions as equal and both will have their chance to discuss how they feel and what they need from the other person. 

Typical challenges are:

  • Different mindsets

  • Lack of time together

  • Past issues being carried into the relationship

  • Parenting challenges

  • Different childhood experiences

  • Disagreements or different views of the future

  • Differences in commitment beliefs

  • Blended families

  • And much more

All programmes involve:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy techniques

  • Positive psychology techniques

  • Reprogramming techniques

  • Age/life regression for healing

  • Coaching/mentoring techniques

  • Mindfulness techniques

  • Leadership skills

  • Meditation and visualisation techniques 

  • NLP

  • Energy healing therapy

Working together in a controlled environment to explore thoughts, feelings and emotions can take your relationship from a difficult place to a wonderful loving place. All programmes offer a free consultation call before committing to working together.

"I would definitely have no hesitation in recommending Brooke, she has a lovely manner and it is very evident she is so happy at her job that she does very well"


60 minute session

60 minute session where we can deal with a challenge you face as a couple. We will look at ways to reduce this challenge by providing some tips on how to work together as a team effectively. 

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4 week programme

4 x 60 minute sessions where we can work through common challenges you face as a couple. During the 4 week programme we will start to look at ways to remove or reduce these common challenges. Exercises to try in between sessions will be provided. 


8 week programme

8 x 60 minute sessions where we can work on deep issues you face as couple to heal these issues to help you move forward as a couple in a positive and loving way. The 8 week programme is for couples facing issues that are causing significant damage in their relationship. Exercises to try in between sessions will be provided. 


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