I brought my teenage son to speak to Brooke as he was struggling with a few things. His first appointment he sat with his head down hardly saying a word by the end of the 6th session his head was up and he was chatting away to Brooke. Brooke helped him massively to understand his feeling at such a difficult age.

Young person

I feel better about myself and happier about life. I feel I can do more stuff like going out more and going to college and putting myself out there more. 


Brooke was amazing my daughter is so shy but she instantly felt at ease and looked forward to her sessions with Brooke every week. Brooke gave my daughter little helpful tips to try when she was feeling anxious and they worked. This is something my daughter will always use when she feels she needs to. After a short space of time my little girl is now back to her happy self.

Young person

I would absolutely recommend this service to others. This has been an investment in my life, with the support of Brooke I have been able to release the emotional pain I have carried. I have learned tools and strategies to help reduce emotional pain. After engaging in talking therapy with Brooke I have been able to move forward in my life and be happy.


I really liked working with Brooke, Brooke helped me understand the different emotions I feel and let me know that they are ok. I liked the different tasks Brooke would give me, they were fun to do. Thank you Brooke for all the help you have gave me.

Young person

I would recommend this service as you can open up and say what you are feeling without being judged and being open to take some instruction on things that may help you through your situation or journey.  


Reason for input:

To join our staff practice development session and provide information on getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

Did it help your team?

It provided staff team with a great insight into concepts of identity, stress and learned behaviours and the psychology behind these

Would you recommend to others?

I would definitely recommend this to others as it made a positive and meaningful impact on staff who are professional in their own right. It promoted discussion around the subjects that were presented after the session had finished. Very thought provoking and professional with great opportunity for individuals to close any psychological doors the session may have opened up for them.

Team input (Care organisation)

If I could sum up the last couple of months with Brooke’s help I would simply say - life changing!

This has been a challenging year for everyone for obvious reasons but I underestimated quite how much it would impact the children.
I contacted Brooke as I felt I had exhausted all avenues in helping my 7 year old deal with her anger. She’s a bright, caring & sensitive child but if things didn’t go to plan she would get angry, loose control and lash out.

Brooke is so calming and really puts you at ease to be able to open up.  You can tell she genuinely cares and wants to help. Sometimes you know and agree with everything she’s telling you but maybe you just needed a plan to follow to help simplify things.

One of our biggest problems was bedtime and so this is where Brooke started, we dealt with what was causing the problems at bedtime and introduced ways of coping and calming her. In the words of my daughter bedtime has went a from being “the worst part of the day to now being the best part of the day” With a better bedtime routine and lots of hard work tackling that anger came a happier calmer child who is now able to control her anger and actually articulate how she’s feeling before it gets to a place of no return. She isn’t perfect but in Brooke’s words she’s not a robot we don’t expect things to be perfect all the time, but the difference in just a few weeks is remarkable.

We got so much out of our sessions that has made us stronger as a family and we can’t thank Brooke enough for that. I am extremely proud of my daughter for being so open and honest and accepting the changes we have made and I know this will help her as she grows up. I feel like Brooke will always be there if and when we need her in the future and I can’t recommend her sessions enough. If you are willing to accept the help I have no doubt she can change your life like she has for us.

Mum of young person age 7

I can’t thank you enough for helping me find my self again, and to help me say “NO” which you know yourself me being a people pleasure it was hard to even get the words out my mouth, you helped me find Me and there is no words to describe how amazing it feels to feel that way again, I forgot who I was and you helped her break threw.


Our sessions helped pull me threw the darkness!

Female, 8 week programme

A would like to say a Big Thank you to Brooke For Her Help and Support During a very difficult time . I felt very relaxed, Brooke has a lovely calm friendly manner and put me at easy straight away . She helped me build on my confidence and helped me to start taking care of myself thanks again Brooke.

Female, 4 week programme



When I started counselling work with Brooke, I was in a very bad place emotionally. Brooke offered me a safe environment to open up without any judgement. Throughout our sessions Brooke offered me advice and helped me look deeper into the root of my emotions.


After working with Brooke and putting her advice to practice I am seeing huge benefits. I am in a much better place emotionally and I feel confident, happy and in control of my life. Working with Brooke has really been an investment into me living the life I desire. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for all of Brooke's help and support.


Brooke goes over and above and makes herself available for calls if needed in between sessions.I would highly recommend Brooke to anyone who is looking to invest in improving their emotional well being.


Female, weekly sessions

Before I reached out to Brooke, I felt really stuck and my past childhood traumas were hanging over me,  reaching out to her was the best thing I have done in 2020, she helped me to make my voice heard and feel much more confident in myself and not afraid to ask for help and to really accept myself for who I am.


From my first session of 8 with her I trusted her and felt so at easy to share everything from the start. She was so understanding of my feelings and my struggles and her weekly plans were so effective, she started me on the daily journal writing, it helps to write down just a few things about what went well about you day and what you would like to change.

I would highly recommend Brooke to anyone, it has been life changing for me without her help I wouldn’t be where I am today feeling more confident in myself.

Female, 8 week programme



I cannot recommend Brooke's programme enough. It gave me clarity and direction when I needed it most. I feel refreshed and refocused and I've learned techniques and strategies that will serve me effectively going forward. I've got a new found energy and optimism about my life and I know it is the work I completed with Brooke, that got me there. Highly recommend you put yourself first and do one of these programmes.

Female, 7 day programme


I would recommend Brooke as she related her knowledge and expertise to real life personal experiences. She encouraged positive mindset and explained the benefits of this in relation to training the human mind. I have adopted the suggestion of noting 3 realistic goals I would like to achieve from each day and this seems to be having a positive impact.

Thank you Brooke.



Event attendee - education input

Before I began work with Brooke, I felt stuck in a serious rut of constant over thinking, over analysing, fear about my future and constant worry – it was literally debilitating in all aspects of my life, personally and professionally. Having recently started a business, money worries were now added into the mix and my head felt like a constant clutter, swirling at a million miles an hour.  All I could see ahead of me was failure and it was terrifying!

I felt scared and filled with doubt about spending money on counselling. What if it didn’t actually work for me? How could I possibly tell a total stranger about my life and struggles?  How could someone who knew nothing about me help me? The first day I stood at her front door, I felt petrified. I almost turned around and walked back to my car but THANK GOODNESS I didn’t.

I’m now so proud of that day I first walked through her door, because it changed EVERYTHING for me. Brooke was instantly so easy to talk to, relaxed and calm in her approach and even in our 1st session (of 4) I felt total relief that a sense of HOPE could be returned to my life.  I was able to open up to her in a way that I simply could not do with loved ones, for fear I was burdening them or causing them to worry about me.

The 4 sessions I took with Brooke really helped me because it changed my way of thinking, coping and how I was dealing with things. Brooke was not emotionally involved with me, so I felt freedom to tell her EVERYTHING, things I’d struggled to share with anyone else before.  She lifted a huge burden from my shoulders in creating a safe and really comfortable place to talk freely.  She restored my confidence in being able to make good decisions and move forward again with my life.

There was never any judgement on anything, as she understood fully all of the reasons why I was feeling so bad about my life, she helped me to understand and see a different way of thinking about my past.  She gently dug deep, through levels I did not even know existed within me and uncovered things from my past that were unresolved and holding me back. She simply led me to an understanding of my life that I know for certain I could never have unravelled on my own.


I would absolutely recommend Brooke without hesitation, because I know 100%, she changed everything for me and had I not sought her help, I think I was heading for a breakdown and possibly would have lost my business as well as my sanity.

To say my counselling with Brooke has been life changing, almost does not explain fully enough just how powerful her expertise is.  I can never thank you enough Brooke.


Female client


Brooke worked with a group of 15 Primary 7 children in February prior to their transition to high school in August. The children had three one hour sessions with Brooke. During these sessions the children discussed any fears or anxieties that they had about transitioning from primary school to high school. The children were immediately put at ease with Brooke and enjoyed the activities which she undertook with them. As a result the children spoke freely about their worries . The children felt that the sessions went really welly. They enjoyed the activities and felt that they helped ease any anxieties they may have had about going to high school. The children also said they felt that the sessions had given them more confidence to approach and talk to others about any worries they had.

North Lanarkshire Primary School 

Our children's emotional well-being is a high priority for us, as is in all schools.  Schools are all working to develop nurture, resilience, growth mind-set, meditation etc. When we heard about Brooke's transition support programme, we knew that it was exactly what some of our P7 pupils needed.  Brooke was able to meet with staff to discuss the programme and our children's needs.  We selected a group of P7s and discussed the support with them and their parents, ensuring that it was something that they wanted to be involved in.  The places were snapped up.

The children really enjoyed the weekly sessions with Brooke.  It is important sometimes to have the support and understanding of someone who is, perhaps not your teacher or your parent, an additional person who themselves is in a position to offer the right encouragement, backed up with the knowledge and experience to develop self-confidence and emotional intelligence.  


The children have spoken to us about the group:


'It really helped my confidence and helped me to relax'

'I enjoyed being able to help other children in the group.  I do mediation every night at home now'

'I am not as worried now about going to high school because I know a lot of the things I was worried about probably won't happen'

'Brooke did the best meditation I've ever done'


Following the block, the children have requested further sessions.  We think it's a great idea and plan to arrange re-connector sessions in June.  It will also let us see the impact it has for our children over a longer period of time.  We highly recommend this programme to other schools”


Depute head teacher 

St Mary's Primary School 


Having Brooke work with Ella over the course of a few months has brought about some noticeable changes. Ella is highly sensitive and very self-critical, and as her mother I have struggled to find a way to help her navigate what are sometimes quite overwhelming thoughts and feelings.

Brooke managed to tap into Ella’s creativity from the first session, identifying that Ella responds well to having tasks to complete. Together they set goals to achieve and checked at each session how Ella felt she was managing. Some of the goals to me seemed almost unachievable knowing how much both Ella and myself had tried to tackle them previously, but there were marked improvements in both her bedtime routine (previously non-existent), and her self-confidence, from the first session.

We had our last session recently and I can definitely see that Ella’s thought process has shifted. Where before she would have had highly emotional responses to certain situations, she is able to rationalise and self-reflect much quicker, and see that perhaps the thing she is worrying about isn’t quite as bad as she first thought.

Her bedtime routine, although still not perfect, has improved to the point that she will actually go into her own bed without needing the reassurance of me lying beside her until she falls asleep, which is a massive achievement in itself.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Brooke. She has a very professional but extremely approachable manner which Ella responded well to, and was always happy to give advice and tailor each session to what both Ella and myself needed at that time.

Young person, aged 10


I was sceptical before attending the course that this would have an impact on my life, how wrong was I, Brooke delivered a very exciting course filled with excitement and knowledge, it was a pleasure to attend. 


I now do meditation at night before going to sleep and also first thing in the morning, with Brookes guidance I have stopped watching TV before bed and looking at social media/news in the morning. How refreshed and calm I feel looking forward to the day ahead with these small changes that do not take too much time. 


I would definitely have no hesitation in recommending Brooke, she has a lovely manner and it is very evident she is so happy at her job that she does very well. 


MacDuff International


I reached out to Brooke in January 2019 and it was one of the best decisions I have made. Over the last year I have been working with Brooke on my personal development and it has changed my life. Brooke helps me to understand my story, how my past experience is impacting my thoughts, and how to identify negative patterns, she provides a safe space to explore the experiences of life and guides me to a place of understanding and acceptance.

Working with Brooke has greatly improved my mental well-being, sparked creativity and passion, and is helping me to become the best version of myself.

Female client, Glasgow

I would highly recommend Brooke; I have recently completed her 4-week coaching programme and it was a great experience.


Even though it was conducted via a Zoom call, she created a relaxed and safe environment that allowed me to really open up. She listened and prompted as appropriate to make the most of each session and provided me with a personalised action plan, to allow me to focus on what we’d discussed in between calls.


The helpful techniques and tools she has provided me with, have continued to allow me to work on the small changes we defined. Those small changes have such an impact on all aspects of my life, it has definitely been worthwhile and a great investment in myself.

Female client, England

Start of programme

How confident are you?

1 - Not at all     10 - Extremely confident

Answer: 7.5

End of programme

How confident are you?

1 - Not at all     10 - Extremely confident

Answer: 9.8


Start of programme

How in control of your temper are you?

1 - Totally out of control    10 - Totally in control

Answer: 5/6

End of programme

How in control of your temper are you?

1 - Totally out of control    10 - Totally in control

Answer: 10

Young person, aged 12


I have been working with Brooke over a four week period and I have learned so much about myself. Talking to Brooke within a safe and comfortable environment, without judgement, has encouraged me to be more positive and proactive. 


I feel so much happier in myself and Brooke has taught me interventions and techniques and has provided me with materials that I can continue to use to better myself and continue to make progress. 


I would definitely recommend coaching from Brooke to overcome personals issues. Each week we worked together on setting achievable targets to help me feel more like me again. 


Thank you so much.

Coaching client 

I’m sure my close friends and family can agree with me that nine weeks ago I was a completely different person.


I had not long had my hand stop working and I couldn’t even talk to anyone on how I truly feel not even my own mum because I just didn’t know how to, however that all changed when I was introduced to Brooke. 

At the beginning I was unsure on how it would work as I had done similar things in the past but little did I know that this would be the best thing I had ever done.

Nine weeks later I can now talk to my family on how I truly feel without faking a smile my life is so much better now in so many ways.

Thank you so much Brooke.

Young person, aged 12


When I approached Brooke for a mindfulness /counselling course for my daughters emotional needs to be able to move forward In her life , I didn’t realise that unknowingly it would also help me and my understanding and perception of situations would help me see things from a different perspective.

I’ve always been very open minded about ideas , thoughts , solutions and try to look at all angles at every situation! What I had never comprehended that what I believed as a parent looking at my child and knowing her whole heartedly what I thought my child thought and her own conceptions towards herself were far from my owns beliefs of her ! 


I encourage all parents to have a course and understand your child on a level you may have not even considered . 

To see a child who may show extreme confidence but yet they rate themselves as within themselves and bottle things up, we forget that sometimes we only see what we want to see and not the reality of the hidden voice ! 

I urge all parents to connect with their child on another level even through the adaptation of puberty and the emotions that our children are new to experiencing as they develop into adults !

Mum of young person, aged 12


I have worked with Brooke towards end of 2018, focusing on her 4 Weeks programme. To say that it helped me to re-adjust and fine-tune my work-life balance is an understatement.


Brooke demonstrated from the first minute a relentless focus on clear objectives and her unique methodology in order to “cut the noise” and go for what was really relevant to my personal and professional life by asking the right questions, in a scenario where there was no right or wrong answers, but only insights.


I cannot recommend enough her methodology, thank you again Brooke.

Marco DS

I had a 7 day programme with Brooke, and I honestly feel so much better for it! I have a lot more clarity and understanding, in such few sessions. I appreciate how she wanted to get straight into it and not waste any time. I definitely recommend working with Brooke! She’s very flexible to work with and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Emotional intelligence coaching client 


Working with Brooke has been delightful. I immediately felt comfortable & felt like I could tell Brooke anything. At times we talked about some uncomfortable situations, Brooke made me feel happy to talk about anything & was not judgemental in anyway on things I said.


I now feel happier in myself. I have slowed down my pace & realised that I should try & put myself first before others. I have also re-evaluated all my relationships with family & friends & I am my own person who is entitled to my opinion & it is ok to say what I think/Feel.


In with regards to help with my business Brooke has helped clarify that there is no wrong or right way to do it. I mustn’t compare myself to others & go with my gut instinct. No one is better than me. I must value my own opinion.


I feel much happier in myself as at the beginning of our sessions I was experiencing lots of stress with my Father. I now know that I have to leave him to his own devices & get along with my family. I feel like I have made a great friend of Brooke & that in our short time in our sessions feel like I know her very well.


I would definitely recommend everyone sees Brooke for Business or personal issues. I will definitely book in for more sessions when I feel the need.

Emotional intelligence coaching client / business owner


Brooke was a pleasure to work with. My sessions were always full of 'aha' moments and I felt like I made a profound shift in self awareness after

each conversation and again after following and completing the weekly plans.

Gillian, Emotional intelligence coaching client / Business owner 

There was a significant shift in emotional state over the course of the programme. At the start 50% were feeling “a little sad” compared to 0% feeling “a little sad” by the end. Overall the emotional scale of the group increased towards feeling better.

The group felt they knew themselves a lot better as the programme progressed. In the beginning 50% felt they didn’t know themselves at all or a little, as the programme ended this had shifted to 50% knowing themselves quite well, 25% knowing themselves well and 25% knowing themselves very well.

Some words of feedback when asked what they enjoyed the most:

  • pretty much everything

  • made me feel more confident

  • she is very nice

  • she has helped me

  • it’s fun

  • it helped me in many ways

  • I loved getting out of class



100% of the group felt that the work helped them with their emotions.

S2 male group 

St Ambrose High School

Working with Brooke was a delight there was no judgement and a great listening ear, she was always ready to adapt each session to what was required that day/ week. Through the 4 week plan she was readily available via text/ phone to give that additional reassurance and guidance.  This really helped in building confidence and finding my feet after a challenging time. 


After completing the 4 week programme I felt ready to face the world and knew more on how to protect myself emotionally and found that even though, those around me had said I had no emotional intelligence, I had just lost the ability to show it as I had locked it away to protect me. I felt free and ready to go on and accomplish a new and better me. 

Brooke is an inspiration and her programmes are tailored to each client’s requirements, she is open minded.  Even though I have completed the programme she still checks into see how things are going.  


Female, Emotional intelligence coaching client 


As an ambitious person, I have the belief in myself that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to. My issue was without a necessity to take action, such as a consequential deadline, I never created the urgency needed to execute on my goals. Brooke has an integral part of a mental process, where I have cleansed my mind of harmful habits and developed those which give me a platform to take action and succeed every single day. I no longer snooze in the morning, I no longer waste time on decision making, I no longer believe it’s ok to wait until tomorrow. I would recommend anyone who wants to stop procrastinating on their ambitions to invest in themselves, through Brooke, to begin to take positive steps towards a better future.

Male, Emotional intelligence coaching client


Deciding to have a series of 1:1 sessions with Brooke has been the best decision I have made.  I was at point with my business that I knew where I wanted to go, but felt unsure on quite how to get there.  There were a lot of people around me that had their way of doing things, but that didn't sit comfortably with me.

Having these 1:1 sessions really helped me to feel proud of my achievements and to finally feel like I could be myself and move forward in my business. It’s working already!!!!

I would highly recommend Brooke and I will definitely be continuing with Brookes coaching sessions to keep moving forward in my business.


ST, self development coaching client



Prior to investing in coaching with Brooke, I struggled with:


  • Procrastination

  • Lack of self-belief & worth

  • Self-sabotage

  • Direction & discipline

Brookes coaching, and training gave me the tools to overcome these doubts, fears and toxic opinions of myself and has helped me to take my business to new levels. I now believe I am capable of running my own business and teaching others how to do the
same. Brooke has taught me how to defeat procrastination and self-doubt.

I seriously would have given up on my business had I not invested in myself through Brookes coaching. I am now very excited for the future thanks to Brooke. 

If you are thinking of signing up I cannot stress how much value I have gained by making this decision. You are worth the investment and you won’t be disappointed in the results Brooke will help you achieve.

Good luck on your journey.

Nikki xx

Nikki self development coaching client


Brooke reached out to me via LinkedIn a few months ago, after noticing that I had set up a network marketing business.


To begin with I felt that I was getting sufficient coaching from my upline and team, but then began to realise that what I really needed was a neutral coach. Brooke has been great, enabling me to consider what has been holding me back, identifying the presence of fear that I thought didn’t exist, and has helped me develop a plan.


I would completely recommend Brooke as a business and life coach as she is really warm, personable, and professional.

Female business coaching client


I did a 4 week coaching package with Brooke. I didn’t know what to expect from coaching at first and I was in a bad place emotionally when I started. But Brooke helped me learn to take control of my emotions and to turn my negative feelings into positive ones. My confidence has also developed. I would highly recommend coaching with Brooke. It’s so worth it!

Female, business coaching client


Brooke has such an open and positive energy – that it was so easy to open up to her and be entirely honest about my innermost thoughts and fears. She was able to help me see through those to the opportunity beyond. I’m very grateful for the time we spent together.

Jane B - Self development coaching client


Before working with Brooke I had been worrying lots about things from past and present. I worried about various life events such as family, relationships etc. These thoughts were holding me back from moving forward in my life.

Brooke showed me how to focus on what triggered my journey of self-improvement. Brooke gave me suggestions to try understand my feelings and to start a clearing process. I went away thinking about what did actually trigger my actions. This was helping me deal with my thoughts and feelings more with a set a plan of action. I had a think about my self-belief. 

Since starting my journal I have come so far in such a small matter of time. I went from simple steps of what I was looking forward to and grateful for to very deep meaningful journey of self-discovery. I feel like I am being true to myself and my feelings for the first time in a very long time, listening to myself, believing in myself and following my true passion. Even applied to college got accepted and I am now studying my passion.

Immediately started putting my plan into action.  I've even started meditation and become spiritual I find this very calming and effective in my personal development. Can't thank Brooke enough for giving me her time and expertise and guiding me in the right direction, my life truly has changed for the better in a matter of weeks.

Self development coaching client


I was already into personal development and had been for a few months, but I was having problems with it manifesting with me and I worried about things when I really should have been trusting in the universe and stop worrying “how” things were going to come to me and focus on what I wanted.


I enjoyed working with Brooke because she clarified a lot of things for me and introduced me to meditation which has changed my whole outlook on things.  I also loved the fact that Brooke was once exactly like me and in Brooke’s story I heard a lot of where I am right now so I could really relate to and connect with Brooke.


I now push my worrying feelings away and turn them into something happy and positive.  I’m so aware of thoughts and feelings now and know that a negative vibration will only bring with it more negativity.


I would and already have recommended Brooke to all my friends and would highly recommend Brooke to anybody.  Brooke has helped me understand me on a deeper level and I am truly grateful for that.

Jennifer O'Brien Self development coaching client


Before working with Brooke I was reasonably confident in myself and my life but still felt there were things I needed to work on. Both online and in person Brooke has given me a safe atmosphere to share and work on myself and my life.


The benefits of working with Brooke have been that I am now more positive about the areas I felt I struggled in and more focused on where I am going professionally.


I would most definitely recommend Brooke to people needing help with self development. She is a lovely genuine person who is 100% focused on helping people be the best possible version of themselves. I've had a huge amount of support and advice from Brooke.

 Self development coaching client


Group work.png
P7 4 weeks results.png

What skills do you feel the workshop has developed? 

  • Working with others

  • Communication skills

  • Thinking skills

  • Skills for enterprise and employ ability

What future jobs did this workshop inspire you to consider?

  • It inspired me to become a detective

  • I now can do what I like and follow my dreams

  • I want to become a life coach as it seems interesting

  • To help people out and my job I want I need to believe in myself 

Thoughts of the workshop?

  • To believe in yourself

  • It has been good

  • I thought it was good and I hope there is more activities in the future

  • I thought it was amazing

1st year workshops

Larbert High School



Senior school - guest speaker event 

The findings on the whole were that on a scale of 1-5 (1 being low and 5 high) :

  • 2-5 for enjoyment 

  • 4 or 5 for usefulness

Pupils noted the videos as being very enjoyable and memorable. We would book similar content and theme.

Principal teacher

St Ambrose High School 


35% of the group reported they felt quite happy in the last 7 days


40% of the group reported they felt quite happy in the last 7 days



88% of the group reported they get on well with others


100% of the group reported they get on well with others



11% of the group reported they know themselves very well


35% of the group reported they know themselves very well



 Feedback when asked has the group programme been helpful?


  • Helps with talking to others

  • Helps to feel more confident

  • Helps to control emotions


Feedback when asked would you recommend the group work?

  • Yes, can control yourself when upset or angry

  • Helps if you are nervous or don’t feel confident to talk

  • It’s awesome

  • Helped me so could help others

2nd year confidence building group work 

St Andrews High school 

"I enjoyed learning about the things that can make my life better."

"I really hope to continue learning with Brooke next year."

"Coming and finding more about how the small things can equal to big things and how they can impact your life." 

"I'm sad it's over"

S3 pupils - Emotional intelligence group work 

St Ambrose High school

In my role of Principal Teacher of Pupil Support at Lochend Community High School, I am responsible for providing pastoral, curricular and vocational support for the young people in my caseload with ages ranging from 11 to 18. The school is a comprehensive secondary school that serves the Easterhouse community; a peripheral housing estate in the North East of Glasgow, an area widely recognised as suffering from severe social and economic deprivation and is within quintile 1 in the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD). Many of the young people present with complex additional needs requiring specialised support and input from a wide range of professional agencies. Brooke was an employee of a charitable organisation when I first had the pleasure of working with her. Brooke provided a range of supports including: working with individual pupils and their families on identified needs, working with vulnerable children to better prepare them better for transition to secondary school and providing group support to identified young people. In a time of reducing supports this charitable organisation remain a valuable agency within the community that is regularly used by our school.

Brooke carried out her role at this school in a thoroughly professional manner – her integrity, judgement and honesty were beyond reproach. She had an obvious affinity and understanding for the young people in the community and worked tirelessly to address many of the negative factors impacting on the young people and their families.


She carried out her duties in a highly professional manner, displaying a high degree of appropriate knowledge and expertise. She was acutely aware and empathetic towards the varying needs of the young people she engaged with. It is, without doubt, that Brooke provided a valuable support to many of our young people either directly or in signposting and engaging other support agencies.


Brooke very quickly integrated herself into the procedures and ethos of the school and was, after a very short transition period, able to work with minimal input from myself or other staff. She displays an outstanding set of interpersonal skills evidenced by the high regard she was held in by both the staff and young people in this school. Her pleasant and friendly manner allowed her to quickly establish herself in the school community and allowed her to form strong relationships with the young people she worked with. Despite the challenges posed by certain of our young people, was able to deliver programmes of work to groups of pupils without teachers having to be present. I believe this demonstrates her abilities to quickly form positive relationships with young people and to sustain them over time. She was very popular with the more vulnerable young people that she provided individual counselling support for and this clearly demonstrates her abilities to engage and nurture young people within a range of ages and need.


I would, without hesitation, recommend Brooke to others, confident that she would demonstrate the skills and qualities she displayed so fully whilst working at this school.

David Ferguson

Principal Teacher of Pupil Support, Lochend Community High School

The pupils in which I identified for Brooke’s group work were pupils in S4 that I worried about in terms of their self-confidence and resilience.  At the beginning of the year I worried about the peer relationship with some of the young people chosen and worried that they would disengage with school by the end of S4.

The young people who took part in the initial group work programme then the small group work programme benefited immensely from having that time out of their class.  The pupils created a bond within the group and appreciated the time Brooke spent on building their self-confidence and self-worth. I saw a huge change in the young people and feel that they changed for the better throughout the weeks.

Young people regularly expressed their positive feedback regarding Brooke.  They enjoyed the programme. I would recommend Brooke’s work as it really helped with young vulnerable group of pupils in our school.

Saint Pauls High School

School group work programme S4

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I had a reiki session with Brooke and found the whole experience relaxing and very therapeutic. From arrival I felt an immediate sense of welcoming which eased my nervousness. At the end of the session I left feeling like a weight had been lifted that I didn't know was there.


Before I had my session I had a pain in my wrist that has bothered me for years which I usually have to go to the doctors for, at the end of the session it had eased and by the next morning it had gone completely. I also had a pain in my hip from having my first child 11 years ago, the pain had eased after the session, when I woke the next morning it too had gone completely, and since having had the session just over 2 weeks ago neither the pain in wrist or my hip returned.


I work weekends on my feet all day and am usually pretty sore and tired, but the weekend after having reiki I had the most energy and did not feel like I usually do even after working 2 weekends after my reiki session the effects are certainly long lasting and I would say reiki is not a quick fix but certainly a long term relief without the use of medication. I could not recommend Brooke enough. Reiki is a treatment I would definitely do again and I did not expect the pains I had to disappear!!! Thank you!!

Vicky Gallagher 



Reiki was a new experience for me as I had previously been sceptical of the treatment. But Brooke was professional and reassuring - I felt much better in myself afterwards. I really enjoyed the reiki and would definitely recommend it to others. 




Just had my first Reiki session this morning. Even though it was from my sister it's not usually something I would have much interest in but I have to say I absolutely loved it.


I've had a very sore throat and ear at my left side which Brooke did not know about, as she worked on my neck I slowly felt the pain leave...it was incredible. I have been left feeling so relaxed and my treatment finished off with me feeling like I was floating through the air it was amazing!


Thank you so much.

Justine M - Reiki client 

North Lanarkshire

I have heard about how amazing reiki treatments are but I was also sceptical about it and I wasn’t just willing to go to anyone, I wanted to book my treatment with someone I could trust and is well known in the industry. Brooke is the one to go to.

I felt relaxed, comfortable and definitely lighter didn’t want my session to end. I loved Brooke’s passion and knowledge and of course the care and attention to details. I felt absolutely relaxed and had a clear mind all day. I walked in with pain in my neck and shoulders I definitely felt the difference after the session.  

I would recommend your services and I will book another few sessions as well. Without doubt you are the person to go to for reiki. Your knowledge, the way you explain the process and attention to details is incredible.

Enas F - Reiki client


My first Reiki treatment with Brooke was a revelation; it was so relaxing but intense. I had complete trust in Brooke and was amazed that she was drawn to my knees, which I had injured previously. I am really looking forward to my next treatment. 

AC female Reiki client 

South Lanarkshire, Scotland